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Don and Carole Womack


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Don and Carole Womack
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Alfie Cockatoo and Company is owned and operated by Don and Carole Womack. The Womacks have created a nitch in the show business world that no one else fits into. Alfie and Company is their creation and this show is truly unique.

The rapport between them and the birds is incredible. The birds are obviously loved and well cared for. The birds show their love in the sharpness in which they execute their behaviors. A professional could not miss the rapidity of behaviors flowing with ease before his eyes or the bare hand, gentle but sure handling of the birds (no sticks or gloves).

Carole has been in show business since she was three. A model, singer, dancer, and actress, she has had years of experience training and performing with exotic animals. After studying voice in Germany for three years and winning a contract to sing in the Hamburg Operetta Company, Carole returned to New York where she worked with Paramount Pictures for musicals. She began working with animals on the Captain Kangaroo Show, and since then, has made thousands of appearances with her exotic birds. The Womacks and Alfie will be celebrating their 24th anniversary together this year.