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Don and Carole Womack
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ALABAMA STATE FAIR - "Rated a "10" across the board. An excellent act and easy to work with."

STATE FAIR OF VIRGINIA - "A GREAT act, which we will recommend to anyone. Our fifth year with Alfie."

FLORIDA STATE FAIR - "A humorous yet sharp and unique show with great audience appeal."

IOWA STATE FAIR - "Huge audiences even on the off-days. Best bird act in the business."

VERMONT STATE FAIR - "We should have had a grandstand to accommodate all the crowds!"

WISCONSIN STATE FAIR - "The Alfie show was everything you said they were and more."

SIX FLAGS THEME PARKS - "I book Alfie over and over again. Great act, great people - rates a "10".

INDIANA STATE FAIR - "It is our third time with Alfie and it gets better every time."

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